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The History of Predicting the Future
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---Love Lex & Kate :3


You know those people your mother warned you about? Those things that would probably cost you your eternal soul? Well, I'm the one who writes about them, despite my definite lack of...hmm...fearsome characteristics? Really, I'm the last person you would suspect when it comes to this sort of thing. On the outside I'm this little blonde girl who will probably still be asked for ID at the age of 45, (I will fuck them up, yo.) and in my head all that's going on is "GAY SEX!" But, you know, what I love about all of this is that my main goal is to have some impressionable youth stumble upon the community and at some point down the road go "Bloody hell, I should not enjoy this. Should I?" and then squeel with glee. And also, I think Kate and I are both here to give people a different viewpoint to this time period. There's this general plotline for 1977 - 1981 that everybody seems to go by. We're here to do something more.

However, I am the procrastinator.

The typo-queen. The forgetful one.

I cannot believe Kate hasn't strangled me yet.


The Marauders

James, Sirius, Remus and, yes, Peter. If you want a fic where Peter is just a plain snivelling idiot you're probably going to have to go elsewhere for it. Remus is a girly little seme wolf. Sirius is a little sick in the head and James is all over the place.

The Black Family

Regulus, Canis (not Orion), Mrs. Black (honestly, Walburga?). Regulus is my scrawny little baby. Let me make that know. REGULUS PWNS YOUR HARRY POTTER LOVING ASS.


What matters is that I am your new goddess. You can now sit naked in your house and pleasure yourself to my writing. I don't do the gay sex thing. I observe slash. I respect it. I give 'em all high-fives when they need it. I can't write it though, because I start laughing inside. And then the voice in my head that is writing all these bits starts sounding plastered. And then I start doing things most people would only expect of politicians' love children when they go on a paprazzi-chased trip to Atlantic City. Table dancing. Hiring men. That sort of thing. So I don't touch the material much. But I will give you angst and angry sex like you've never seen. Not like I will give you anything before moaning in self-pity and spitting out some dry humor for my tripping gangsters, the Death Eaters, to chew on for a bit.
I approach the Death Eaters in a Godfather-like sense. Rich, clannish families, struggling for power under the grip of a murdering totalitarian underground dictator. That's where I get my cheap thrills. Mix in some 18th century courtlife and too much eyeliner and you've got frivilous little Voldie-vouchers running about. Ah, that's the stuff of legend. And lust.

The Black Sisters

Bellatrix, Narcissa, and a wee tad of Andromeda (but I stay away from her, generally. Lex is too intimately attached to her and her wonderful relationships [Lex: LIES.]) Ah Bellatrix. Everyone's favorite evil slut. And my favorite female character, thus my mainer. And who doesn't love the epic and ongoing battle of Narcissa's shoes, croquet mallets, opera glasses, etc. vs. Lucius' testicles?

The Prince Family

Severus Snape, Eileen Prince, and various cousins of devious purpose. Severus is my favorite character to write about, so he's my mainer. yet his family story was really intriguing to cover, so I did have a wondrous time coming up with that backdrop.

The Lestranges

Rabastan and Rodolphus, one frivilous homosexual bat-animagi and one in-one-ear-out-the-other beast man. pure gold.

That Malfoy Sex God

Lucius Malfoy. In the dictionary under 'Best Thing To Write About on Rainy Day', Lucius is there. Because he just cheers you up. What with his exploits involving wooing of various females, and his continual sturggle against fiancee Narcissa, and the eventual wedding and knocking up of said faincee. I just want to wrap him up in a pita and take him in a purple lunchbox.

Various Others

Hmmm...I seem to be carrying most of the weight around here. That's not surprising.
Self-righteous bitch, over and out.

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