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22 September 2007 @ 08:13 pm
Hey kids. Mommy's got something for you. :]

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Whoa, hello, Kate changed the layout.
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14 August 2007 @ 08:24 pm
Not an update, yet, but I have a little present for you. Inspired by Velvet Goldmine, no less.

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05 August 2007 @ 08:38 am
Is everybody enjoying their Harry Potter filled summer?

I bet you've all been busy spending your money on movie tickets and hardcover deluxe editions of DH, when you haven't been drooling over shoebox_project's semi-update, squeeing over the returns of half a million of the best Harry Potter communities ever or laughing over a certain Malfoy's peacock affinity.

I know I have.

Thankfully, canon did not horribly maim our plot line, even if Kate and I both had moments of, "WTF, THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT GOES, JKR," but that's only because we're spoiled on fanon, and have an unhealthy attachment to different members of the HP cast of characters. I now have an entire month off... I think you see where this is going. Hopefully you won't reduce me to groveling for your forgiveness, as that would be shameful and humiliating. And have you seen the floors around here? I definitely do not want my face anywhere near it before we slap down a cleaning charm or two, preferably accompanied with some good old fashioned Pine-Sol.

So amuse yourself a bit longer with all of those worthy HP groups out there, and we'll be up and running again ASAP.
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13 April 2007 @ 05:58 pm
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Please accept the meager preview as a heartfelt apology. And then wish me luck on my ACT's tomorrow because Junior year is a dirty whoring bitch.

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19 January 2007 @ 11:45 pm
You all deserve an explanation as to why we, Kate and Lex are not awesome fic writing machines.

Basically, it's because a lot of the things we come up with end up being suck-tacular...(DRACULAR?)

Anyway, so Kate and I figured it would be amusing to post a little bit of the


So yeah. Um. We're obviously not using this. It's like the blooper reel except a lot more sexual.
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31 December 2006 @ 08:19 pm
I do believe that this is the last night of what the general public and money hungry executives would call the Holiday Season, hmm?

Well, I think you all deserve a gift from history_future.

I've been working on this first part of Episode V for a couple of days now and I figure, what the hell? It's ready.

(It's a particular treat for all those R/S and Regulus fans. Because let me tell you, that's what it is. This is Lex's stuff all over and there's more to come. And I swear James and Peter are coming. Really. REAAALLLY.)

So in favor of my favorite holiday, New Year's (Yes. I know that I am crazy.) here is the first part of Episode V...

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May all acquaintance be forgot, and all that jazz...!
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21 November 2006 @ 06:58 am
This is a quick little question for you all, just because you have been very patient during my inane time of asshattery.

For this next update it will be the other half of the gala. Or, at least, ANOTHER part of it. I failed to put in for the first half of Part III, so obviously it's a little more dragged out that planned. I wanted to ask how the majority would like this...

If I just post my part, it will be posted earlier but it will be shorter. It will have a scant amount of Death Eaties but plenty of Marauders to enjoy.

Or, Kate and I can just go all in on a huge chapter to wrap up the entire thing which will take a bit longer, but we can move on to even more exciting parts of the story.

It's your choice, lovely readers.


Just Lex?
Or Both?

(BTW Andromeda fans: Brace yourselves.)
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29 October 2006 @ 10:42 am
Guess whose favorite community just hit 100 watchers!

That's right, YOURS.

And to keep your patient little HOPTF selves partially solaced, I shall make an awfully big deal out of our first piece of HOPTF fanart.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love you, Yue. :3 This is actually on my bedroom wall right now because I love it so.

Kate spazzed herself many times...

Where the hell is Kate anyway...?


I didn't just say that. Ignore me. XD
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06 October 2006 @ 08:39 pm
Hey Loves.

This is just a little announcement seeing as it is obvious that niether Kate nor I have updated this week.

Junior year has suddenly sped up so please pardon the delay. We are writing and we are planning to update, but don't be surprised if our posting schedule becomes more erratic than it already is. We're horrible with deadlines and well, yes.

However, I swear you won't go months without an update. We love you too much for that. :3

Episode III is going to be a very special episode in the first place, and requires a little bit more fine tuning.

The good news is that Kate and I are going to be frolicking around on this wonderful three day weekend as it is I am celebrating my Sweet Sixteen. (:D!) There is no doubt in my mind that we shall be locking ourselves in my house to write in the wee hours of the morning amidst Disney Sing Along Song tapes and Stephen Hawking musical banter.

Also, we're on the verge of having 100 watchers, which owns me! I never really thought that we'd get that many for this little story of ours and I'm overjoyed. I remember calling up Kate to tell her we had 26 watchers back in September and squeeing madly for a very long time.

Here we are at 94. :D

(BTW, I think Kate should post this ep, no? She is a living being. I'm not making her up. I swear!)

Thank you all for making this an incredible experience for us both and hang in there for us, okay?

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23 September 2006 @ 04:56 pm
Surpriiiise! :D

We're posting this a little earlier than scheduled because Kate and I love you all so much.

All of you little lurkers: Don't be afraid to comment!!! All we're going to do is ask if we can have your babies and/or if you will run away with us because we are just in an eternal state of bliss due to all of the positive feedback. :3

This installment is dedicated to snow_blossoms who made us pee ourselves due to fic iconage. We love her.

Did I mention that we love everybody? Really, HOPTF orgy?

I am so unprofessional. I probably shouldn't be allowed to roam around as I please.

I do believe Kate will be posting a playlist later, but right now let's get right down to the wonderful ficness.

Episode IICollapse )


OH, BTW: If you haven't seen the ongoing Battle of the Info going on HERE, I suggest you check it out.

Happy reading. :3
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